Annabel (bigbigstar) wrote,

us & them black & blue and who knows which is which and who is who

"watcha up to?" "how stoked are you for nickys arrival" "he's just really intense, you wouldn't get him" "hey." how annoying. i will miss nicole galina and especially carolina but nicky is coming soon, this i am happy about.

summer 2007 equals bikerides, my first sunburn, a boy for real, how come you either have no boys or more than one boy at a time, both are undesirable. anyway, maturity, keeping tensions to a minimum, darker skin, smokey, new people, the days blend together, barefoot, running from the 5 0, cramming in the back of a stranger's car and then you ride over a speed bumb, driving, car accident for my baby girl, ummm i love my dog and rap and hip hop and i miss my brother i can't wait till he gets out and comes homeeeee. let's hang out!!

this is all basically in backwards order

is a good song...

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!

who the hell took all these pictures? i wasn't even in the room.

she was probably on the phone with several of the people reading this

steve & carrie 2gether 4ever

the punker chick hahahah

this guy was almost as much of a dbag as wagner

i get into you afta i take off mah clothes
girl i been into u mentally long before
if i was yuh bes' fren
i'd want u round all da time
if i was yuh bes' fren
girl i promise u'd be mine
u say he's just a fren
now girl let's not pretend
either he is or ain't ur man

oooh fiddy, how you understand

ahhhh i love my friends i love summer i love sleeping in i love food but not at the same time now i am hungry so bye.
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